Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kevin Greening - More Balls

Next up, the second half hour of the first Kev and Zoe Breakfast Show. As before, the songs have been cut out, and the audio isn't the cleanest thing you've ever heard. But it's worth a listen. Despite the presence of Toby Anstis. Some nice Major Hold-Ups here, plus the punchline to my all-time favourite Joke Du Jour. How he ever got away with it...

Anyway, enjoy.

Kevin Greening and Zoe Ball - Second Half Hour of first show - no music

Cheers again to Andy for this.

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Nick said...

Its also worth noting, its only when, Kevin did the breakfast show with Zoe he Acknowledged, Raymond Sinclair! Before it would be features on his weekend show, yet he would never directly talk to or about him.

(Worthless info, yet worth mentioning i guess lol)