Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Merely a conduit...

Hello again, all. Thanks to those who've been in touch about a new post appearing on the site. It's a shame that there doesn't appear to be a vast archive of Kev's career out there for us to enjoy, but I'll keep on hoping. Feel free to join me in so doing.
My thanks, once again, to Sonja, who's far better at unearthing the good stuff than I am. She's sent across the following links that relate to different aspects of Kev's career.
First up, here's the Radio Academy podcast that features a tribute to Kev by Mark Goodier, Will Saunders and Trevor Dann.

Radio Academy Podcast

You'll need to skim to just before 22 minutes in.

Secondly, and fair play for the digging here, Sonja's turned up some material relating to Kev's stint on BBC Choice's 'Inside Tracks'.

Introducing a performance on the show

Friday, August 8, 2008

Sorry about that (brief) outage

I'm fairly certain that the blog has been pretty popular over the last few months although, unfortunately, the flow of audio arriving has dried up completely. Anybody got anything? I'm going to go back over some minidiscs this week containing some of Kev's Xfm mid-morning shows and I'll set what I turn up.
As I've mentioned elsewhere on the site, the links can die if they're not touched for some time. The Megaupload files should be ok, but the zSHARE links need regular clickage. Please help, if you've got the time! In fact, at the moment, zSHARE seems to be knackered. Odd request this, but if anyone reading this downloaded the files 'kevfirstbestbits.mp3' which was available in the April 12th post, 'Best Bits?' please get in touch. Can't find my original, and with zSHARE down, it's proving hard to track it down.

In order to keep this site rolling, here are two more files from the near-legendary Sonja. Firstly, something from Kev's Smooth booth, soon after it first launched and then some highlights from Kev's 'Best of X' Saturday evening tenure on Xfm. Enjoy.

Kev - Smooth FM - 11/01/06 Dropbox 

Kev - Xfm - Best of X - 05/02/05 Dropbox 

If you have any Kev audio, please get in touch.