Friday, October 3, 2008

May contain Virgin

New stuff! At last! Many thanks to Steve for his help with this file. It's a little over an hour of wonder, plucked from his tape collection and containing some gems. For a start, the first four minutes or so feature the only recordings of his Virgin Radio stint that I've ever heard. There's some Kev and Zoe stuff in there and plenty of random Kev moments across weekend breakfast, weekend lunchtimes and numerous cover stints at Radio 1. The nature of old tape records is that the sound quality goes up and down and edits are dependant on the original recordings, so don't expect this to be pristine. However, it's still an absolute delight and an essential addition to the Kevin Greening Audio selection. Thanks again, Steve!

Dropbox link

Get ready for some good stuff

I received a rather splendid CD in the post today. It'll take a little while to rip and upload, but I thought I'd just grab the attention of those of you with this site on a feed.
Will also upload some more of Sonja's Xfm recordings shortly.