Sunday, January 10, 2010

Radio 1 Breakfast Cover - July 1997 - Week One

Only days after the taster file featuring the first show from two weeks of breakfast cover on Radio 1, I have received the high quality files from Jules in Oxford and I present week 1 for you to download below, via zShare for the time being. Will look at alternative hosting as a backup soon. These files are all HQ VBR stereo mp3s (if that's important to you) which means they're pretty big and you'll be able to hear the odd bit of FM fuzz in the background. Feel free to comment on what you hear in these shows and thanks again to Jules for this wonderful contribution. Week 2 to follow shortly.






Friday, January 8, 2010

Anyone for a Diana joke or two?

Is this thing still on? Hello there, Kevin Greening fans of the internet. I was stuck at home thanks to the snow on Wednesday and, whilst undertaking some housekeeping for my various corners of the internet, I logged into the email account associated with this blog. I was more than a little chuffed to find a message from Jules from Oxford, sent that very morning, offering recordings of whole shows from the two weeks of Mark and Lard Breakfast Show cover Kev did in July 1997. After a whole year of inactivity on this page and the increasingly realisation that there's very little Kev audio knocking around anywhere, this email marked quite a special moment for the Kevin Greening fan. The thoroughly splendid Jules is currently encoding those shows right now but has sent me a sample show as a teaser. I listened to it earlier and felt compelled to bung it straight up on the site to let fellow Kev fans enjoy it too. It's the entire show, in 64kbps mono mp3 and it sounds pretty decent. When the full two weeks of shows appear on the site, I've been informed they'll be of a much higher quality, but this file sounds good enough for a listen right now.
I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did; there are some wonderful lines in this programme. Download, play it, tell other people about it, spread the word. You never know, someone else with Kev audio might be lured into the spotlight.
Thanks again to Jules in Oxford.

(I've left this post up, but it refers to the first of the shows in the two weeks batch in the post above, so no need to host it twice.)