Monday, January 21, 2008

Kevin Greening - Better off out of it?

I'm sure it seemed like a good idea at the time. Good grief. Stumbled across this collection of 'hilarious' parody songs commissioned for the Kev and Zoe Breakfast show. They're dated September 1998, so I doubt they even got used. Woeful ain't the word.

Music 4's Kev and Zoe songs

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kevin Greening - More Balls

Next up, the second half hour of the first Kev and Zoe Breakfast Show. As before, the songs have been cut out, and the audio isn't the cleanest thing you've ever heard. But it's worth a listen. Despite the presence of Toby Anstis. Some nice Major Hold-Ups here, plus the punchline to my all-time favourite Joke Du Jour. How he ever got away with it...

Anyway, enjoy.

Kevin Greening and Zoe Ball - Second Half Hour of first show - no music

Cheers again to Andy for this.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Kevin Greening - A big lunch

Another tremendous upload for you this time. For almost a year from the end of 1994 to the Autumn of 1995, Kev presented the weekend lunchtime show on Radio 1. The file you can download below features half an hour of comedy sketches from those shows. Feel sympathy for the plight of the splicer, hear an alternative spin on Neighbours and marvel at the latest offers from Blowchap. Not to mention Eric and Gripper. My thanks to Peter for his help with this one. A tape came through my letterbox this morning containing these splendid moments, and I figured I should bung this up as quickly as possible. Enjoy.

Kevin Greening - Classic sketches from Weekend Lunchtimes - Radio 1 - 1995

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kevin Greening - As Heard On The Radio 1 Breakfast Show

More of Kev's fake adverts now, from his time filling in for Mark and Lard. A mammoth fifteen minute chunk of them this time, including the multiple versions of the 'Pelmet' ad, various takes on the 'Dial-a-Rind' service and any number of excellent new products from Blowchap.
Download, sit back and enjoy.

Kevin Greening - Fake Adverts from 1997 cover for Mark and Lard

Monday, January 7, 2008

Kevin Greening - A not quite perfect match

Many, many thanks to Andy for this. He got in touch via to furnish the site with a recording of the start of the first ever Kevin and Zoe breakfast show on Radio 1. Although the audio quality is not crystal clear (think Medium Wave, and turn any sub-woofers off), it gives you a taste of the bizarre combination of Kev and 'her off the telly'. Have a listen here:

Kevin Greening and Zoe Ball launch their breakfast show on Radio 1 - 1997

Kevin Greening - Farewell from Moyles

This morning was Chris Moyles' first live show since the news of Kevin's death broke. Just before the 8.30 news bulletin he paid tribute to Kev. Shamelessly ripped from the Radio 1 listen again feature, here's what Chris had to say. Quite a fond tribute, actually.

Chris Moyles pays tribute to Kevin Greening on Radio 1 Breakfast 07/01/08

Thanks to the people sending me various bits of audio of Kev. Keep checking the site as various bits and bobs will be added over the next few days.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kevin Greening - Radio Rewind

The Radio Rewind site is a splendid guide to Radios 1 and 2, and has a feature on Kev. An email to the site reminded me of its existence, and it's worth nipping across if you've not been there before. In addition to some info on Kev's time at Radio 1, there are also some sound clips from 1995 that will keep you entertained.

Radio Rewind page on Kevin Greening

Events in the news continue rumbling along, with some publications choosing to run with rumours and speculation. The Daily Mail did what only the Mail could do, and took a merry jig all over Kevin's still-warm corpse in a piece published tomorrow (5th Jan.) The BBC News site is taking a far more calm approach and sticking with the facts as they emerge. This is a link to the most recent update, as of Friday 4th January.

BBC News - RE: Police Appeal

I'll be trawling through some more audio in the next couple of days and should have some more of the surreal adverts pretty soon. Have uncovered a selection of Xfm stuff, including more of the breakfast cover, one show from his first week at Xfm, covering for Jon Kennedy and even some of his brief stint at Heart 106.2. Sadly, nothing from the vintage years as yet, and so I put the development of this site in the hands of its readers. If you've anything to offer, please get in touch via

One of Kev's programmes for the Travel Channel is available as part of their 'Video on Demand' service, although it would seem they expect people to pay for this. Which, naturally, seems a little unrealistic. Should you be interested, this is here.

Oh, and not quite deserving of its own post is this clip which can be found on YouTube, of American band Hanson visiting the Kevin and Zoe Breakfast Show in the winter of 1997. 'Mmmbop' was one of Kev's 'Prove Me Wrong' songs, whereby he'd say a record would sink without trace, only with more words and sounding considerably more articulate than I can manage, only to finish the link with the phrase, 'Prove Me Wrong'. Think of it as a 'record of the week' with a bit of wit attached.

I'll always remember reading an interview with Hanson about whether or not they liked the UK. One of them replied with something along the lines of, "yeah, it's cool. They actually speak English there too. It's always nice to be able to communicate."

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Kevin Greening - Real Radio Part 2

For the next installment, the other Real Radio breakfast show of which I have a recording. Much the same as with the previous one in terms of what's been chopped out. Worth a listen, as Kev appeared to have a ball doing the show, even if the music wasn't quite what he'd become accustomed to at Xfm. A good precursor for what was to come at Heart and Smooth.

Kevin Greening - Real Radio Wales Breakfast - 20/02/04

Does anyone still have these? I can't find the original files to re-upload. Do let me know. Thanks!

Cheers again to 'Yagi Bare'

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kevin Greening - Audio Wanted

This site was created in light of the sad news of the death of Kevin Greening. It still seems a little odd to think that he has died and that he won't be heard again, and thus the reason for this blog. I'll post whatever I can find, whenever time permits, but I'd greatly appreciate it if anyone reading this who has audio of Kev, in whatever shape of form, would be willing to add it to the offerings available here.
To do so, the email address is

Kevin Greening - Adventures in Wales

When the delights of the mid-morning show on Xfm were brought to an abrupt end at the start of 2004, Kev was shunted to the 'Best of X' show, not dissimilar to the cobblers that Andy Parfitt had him enduring on 'Radio 1's Best Bits' of a Sunday morning. As a result he started to pop up elsewhere again, one such time being a week at Real Radio Wales, covering the breakfast show in February of that year.
The file you can download below is a Real Audio file, and thus not the highest quality, but what it offers is the whole show from February 19th 2004, with ads and music chopped out. It's not vintage Kev, but it captures his approach to things perfectly. He was only there for a week, but he was making a real effort to be part of the station and to engage with the audience.
Kev on Real Radio - 19/02/04

Argh. File lost. Anyone have this so I can re-upload? Thanks!

Thanks to 'Yagi Bare' of the Nick Abbot forums for recording this for me at the time.