Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Kevin Greening - Adventures in Wales

When the delights of the mid-morning show on Xfm were brought to an abrupt end at the start of 2004, Kev was shunted to the 'Best of X' show, not dissimilar to the cobblers that Andy Parfitt had him enduring on 'Radio 1's Best Bits' of a Sunday morning. As a result he started to pop up elsewhere again, one such time being a week at Real Radio Wales, covering the breakfast show in February of that year.
The file you can download below is a Real Audio file, and thus not the highest quality, but what it offers is the whole show from February 19th 2004, with ads and music chopped out. It's not vintage Kev, but it captures his approach to things perfectly. He was only there for a week, but he was making a real effort to be part of the station and to engage with the audience.
Kev on Real Radio - 19/02/04

Argh. File lost. Anyone have this so I can re-upload? Thanks!

Thanks to 'Yagi Bare' of the Nick Abbot forums for recording this for me at the time.

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