Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kevin Greening - As Heard On The Radio 1 Breakfast Show

More of Kev's fake adverts now, from his time filling in for Mark and Lard. A mammoth fifteen minute chunk of them this time, including the multiple versions of the 'Pelmet' ad, various takes on the 'Dial-a-Rind' service and any number of excellent new products from Blowchap.
Download, sit back and enjoy.

Kevin Greening - Fake Adverts from 1997 cover for Mark and Lard

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hiab-x said...

Hi Gaz, just stumbled on your page whilst remembering and trying to locate Kevin Greening recordings, I remember nearly wetting my pants laughing at his show on Radio 1, one Sunday. I'm sure it had Raymond Sinclair and an incredibly brazen jingle with the line (Probably half remembered) "Fight for your c*nt,fight for your c*nt, fight for your coun-try" If you have that particular recording online, please point me in its direction. Thanks