Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Radio 1 Weekend Breakfast - January 1997

Thanks again to Martin, who provides more excellent material. This time, an unedited 45 minute chunk from a Sunday breakfast show in January 1997. So nice bits and bobs in this, including an appearance from Mr Whippy's Organ.

Dropbox Link

And here's some more where that came from, with Charlie Jordan's final link at the start and then Kev getting the show underway at 7am, including the second part of a Joke Du Jour I don't have the first part of. Feel free to enlighten us if you do.

Dropbox Link



TheDoctor77 said...

Hi :)
Love this tribute Blog. The 2nd link however just points back to this blog and not an audio file ???


Gaz said...

Sorry about that. Should be working again now!!

TheDoctor77 said...

No Probs :) All working now

Thanks again