Monday, February 15, 2010

Radio 1 Breakfast Cover - July 1997 - Week Two

Well, judging by the recently installed counter on the blog, the first installment of these shows proved hugely popular and it's nice to know there's still interest in the wonderful work of Kevly. Once again, thanks are due to Jules from Oxford for unearthing and encoding this beauties. Five more shows, ten more hours of cracking links and numerous songs it seems hard to believe were still being played on Radio 1 Breakast in 1997.







dalethrower said...

Hi Apart from the audio from the 21st of July it all seems to have sadly disappeared for this 2 week breakfast stint. any chance it could be reposted?

RickyB said...

I've been listening to the mp3s over the last week, and it really transported me back in time! Great music, and of course, a professional, but highly entertaining DJ at the helm. You can tell that he put a lot of thought into those shows, and thy also really benefitted from Andrew McGibbon's characters.

Radio 1 was so much better back then. Thanks so much for uploading these, and thanks to Jules for sending them.

Any more?