Monday, December 31, 2007

Kevin Greening - Joke Du Jour

Kev used to offer a Joke Du Jour for many a year on Radio 1, as well as briefly reviving the feature at Xfm, from which this one is taken. He would finish each show with the setup to a joke, but you'd only find out the punchline by listening at the start of the next show. As a result he could tell some more 'alternative' jokes without the 'Angry of Surrey' mob writing to the Daily Mail.
Here's an example of sorts...
(Ok, so I don't have the recording of the first part of this joke, but I do have the conclusion...)

A duck walks into a Pub and asks for a pint, the surprised landlord exclaims "My God a talking duck!" The duck replies "Yeah, I'm working on the building site across the road. I'll be in every lunchtime for two weeks for a pint"
"Fine" says the Landlord, and says no more about it. The next day the circus comes to town, and the ringmaster drops into the pub for a pint. The landlord says, "I've got just the thing for you mate! There's a talking duck that comes in here for a pint every lunchtime - If you like, when I see him I'll tell him that you are interested in him." "Oh definitely" says the ringmaster, "Tell him to get in touch as soon as possible!" Without fail the Duck pops in that lunchtime for his pint. The landlord tells the duck about the ringmaster's interest in him. The duck asks "A circus? That's a tent isn't it?" "Yes" replies the Landlord. "It's made of canvas isn't it, with big red stripes on?" enquires the duck. "Yes, that's right, you've got it!" answers the landlord excitedly.

Click to download Kev telling the concluding part of the 'Joke Du Jour'

Thanks to Timo of for supplying me with the audio at the time

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